Because you aren't yet tired about the sequel talk surrounding "Bridesmaids," Melissa McCarthy once again voiced her displeasure with the thought of doing another movie without the full cast.

"That seems like a terrible idea," McCarthy told E! red carpet host Ryan Seacrest on Sunday night at the Golden Globes when asked if she would do a sequel without her full compliment of co-stars. "I wouldn't want to do that. It was just so perfect, we had the time of our lives. I wouldn't want to do it."

While Seacrest never referred to her by name, the co-star he was referencing is Kristen Wiig. It was reported earlier this year that the star and co-writer -- who was nominated for a Golden Globe on Sunday but lost to Michelle Williams -- balked at doing a sequel when approached by Universal. There was some rumored talk about moving forward without Wiig -- perhaps focusing on McCarthy's breakout character instead -- but judging from the cast reactions, those discussions have gone nowhere.
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