Is it any wonder why potential film goers are spending more and more time on their couches instead of at the multiplex? At a showing of "Hugo" in Manhattan on Saturday night, viewers were treated to what amounts to a worst-nightmare scenario: the film broke down, twice, and the final 30 minutes were overlapped with theater commercials. That's bad enough, but when you consider that the finale of "Hugo" -- spoiler alert -- deals with film preservation, it almost seems criminal.

According to a patron, who was in the theater and filmed the egregious ending, the delays extended the theatrical stay to three-and-a-half hours. The theater tried to make amends with irate customers, but it didn't really stick.

"When the movie was over people were really pissed, the managers were standing outside handing out passes and apologizing but after going through all that to get to the end of the movie and to have that happen was surreal," the tipster told Gothamist.

You can watch the "surreal" reactions in the above video (spoilers, since it's the end), which was posted to YouTube as follows: "Dear Mr Scorsese. This is what they did to your movie last night."

[via Gothamist]
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