While "Mirror, Mirror" has seemed to sop up all the cuddly parts of "Snow White," it turns out that the decidedly gnarled version, "Snow White and the Huntsman," doesn't capture the love happening behind the scenes.

"We met on a plane going to Comic-Con," Charlize Theron told E! Online's Marc Malkin. "You know when you meet someone and it's effortless? It was instantly amazing."

Theron wasn't talking about a new beau but her first time co-star, Kristen Stewart. "We couldn't shut up," she said. "The plane landed and they were like, 'Get off the plane' and we were going on and on." (Imagining candle light and spaghetti slurping.)

Their working relationship was equally as flawless. "I think we both love what we do and we came to play," Theron said.

"Playing" in this case involves K-Stew thwarting Theron's open-mouth-beauty-sucking (glimpsed in the above trailer), but the Oscar-winning actress teased that Bella Swan is a perfect match there, too.

"It's more like what Kristen does to me."

"Snow White and the Huntsman" hits theaters June 1.

[via E! Online]
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