"Life is a lively process of becoming," is a quote from General Douglas MacArthur. (At least according to BrainyQuote.com; hey, I'm no military historian!) While this existential yet vague comment could be construed and interpreted any which way you want, it happens to lend itself well to the art of acting.

Enter Tommy Lee Jones, who will have the job of "becoming" General MacArthur in the upcoming political thriller, "Emperor." The film, which also stars Matthew Fox as General Bonner Fellers, takes place in the days following the Japanese surrender in WWII, when MacArthur served as the temporary ruler of Japan, in place of disgraced Emperor Hirohito.

Jones already has some experience playing (albeit, fictional) military brass, in 2011's "Captain America: The First Avenger" as Colonel Chester Philips.

"Emperor" currently has no release date; Jones can be seen in "Men in Black III," out May 25.

[via Variety]
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