To prepare for his wolf-boxing feature, "The Grey," Liam Neeson took method acting to the next level: eating frozen wolf meat.

"[Wolf jerky] was quite nice," the 59-year-old actor said during a Times Talks sit down.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Neeson was alone in his commitment. Director Joe Carnahan ("The A-Team") said that other members of the cast and crew did not have the same iron constitution as Neeson, noting that they "got physically ill" after consuming the meat. "It was a mental reaction," he said, explaining that the wolf had been "frozen for months."

"The Grey" imagines Liam Neeson in charge of guiding wolf-terrorized pipeline workers to safety, after their plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness.

The actor laughed off the bitter cold, however, saying that the role required "basically no acting" because it was filmed in "negative 37 degree weather."

Now that's a man's man.

"The Grey" hits theaters January 27.

[via E! Online]
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