It has been 13 (gasp!) years since Haley Joel Osment saw ghosts in "The Sixth Sense," and he's proving he's all grown-up in the trailer for "Sassy Pants."

Osment resurfaces in this indie as the boyfriend of Diedrich Bader, whose estranged daughter (Ashley Rickards of "Awkward" fame) seeks him out to get away from her overbearing, home-schooling mother. Osment doesn't seem to be the sassy-seated title character (sorry, fans of Sassy Gay Friend), but he does rock some very short cut-offs. And the potential for advice to the clueless heroine is huge. The film marks the debut of writer-director Coley Sohn and will have its world premiere Jan. 28 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Osment, whose last major film was 2003's "Secondhand Lions," will also star in the upcoming thriller "Wake the Dead," based on the Steve Niles graphic novel of the same name. He'll play a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein, a college student named Victor Franklin, who conducts research into how to cheat death.

Forget about beating death, can Osment break the child actor curse that's plagued stars like Macaulay Culkin? When the casting was announced last year, co-producer Rob Eric told Variety, "This role allows him to break out of his shell and he will have no problem handling it."

[via CinemaBlend]

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