Stars, they're just like us! They even get starstruck in front of famous people, and shed tears when said famous people compliment them? At least that's how Jessica Chastain reacted recently when Gary Oldman offered her a bit of praise.

On the red carpet at the premiere of "Coriolanus" in New York on Tuesday night, Chastain recalled to Vulture what happened when the venerable acting legend came up to her during the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

"It was at Palm Springs, and I had just said, like, I'd love to meet Gary Oldman. And then I was in the middle of an interview, I think it was 'Entertainment Tonight' or something, and he came over to meet and he, like, put his hands on my shoulders and said some really nice stuff about my work, and that he knew who I was. And I was so shocked by it. Then when he walked away, I turned, and I was kind of like, woozy, and I tried to continue the interview, but then the interviewer said, 'You have tears in your eyes.' And you know when you're trying not to cry when someone says, 'Hey, are you okay? Are you going to cry?' And then I just started crying. So Nicole [her publicist] pulled me away. She was, like, 'Let's let you calm down for a second.'"

It isn't just Oldman who ruffles Chastain's feathers; the actress -- and soon-to-be Oscar nominee -- was also in awe of fellow "Coriolanus" premiere attendee Susan Sarandon. Adorbs! But considering Chastain is at the top of the Hollywood It-Girl list, she better get used to rubbing elbows with famous people. You can still cry when you meet Gary Oldman, though.

[via Vulture]
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