If you've seen any movie trailer ... BRRRRNNNNNNNNN ... OK, that was weird. As I was saying, if you've seen any ... BRRRRNNNNNN ... all right, that's enough! BRRRNNNNNNNNNNN ... Or not.

The first teaser for "Resident Evil: Retribution" has just hit the web and it's full of those "Inception" horns you've come to know and love. (From our count, there's a total of four in this clip.)

One other thing to point out about this trailer: it may be the first one in history to be so blatant about product placement. In fact, the first thirty seconds of the teaser is an actual Sony ad (Sony is distributing the movie, so it makes sense). The footage shows a variety of people around the globe holding up Sony products and explaining that this is "My World." The voiceover than asks the viewer if you could imagine what your world would look like tomorrow. Cut to Milla Jovovich's Alice standing on top of the White House in the post-apocalyptic universe of "Resident Evil."

As for the film itself, "Retribution" continues with the story of Alice. After being captured by the evil Umbrella Corporation, she looks to escape and defeat the organization with her allies. Returning to the fray is Michelle Rodriguez, who played Rain Ocampo, in the first film.

"Resident Evil: Retribution" hits theaters Sept. 14, which means you should prepare for an onslaught of "Inception" horns and Sony products.

[via Yahoo! Movies]
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