You can kiss exotic locales and weekend jaunts of "James Bond" goodbye -- they've had to economize, too.

Before you shout "the economy, amirite?!" take this news with a grain of salt (like you should will all British press rumors regarding James Bond): due to budgetary constraints, the newest Bond film, "Skyfall," has had to downsize from filming in six countries to just one, according to reports.

As The Guardian points out, ever so elegantly, "'Quantum of Solace' was such a catastrophic wet fart," audiences were promised -- by way of a spiffy new director (Sam Mendes) and a first rate cast -- a kind of retribution. But these reports that indicate the film will be a modest and measured production are, well, maybe a let down.

Reportedly, "Skyfall" will shoot in Turkey, and reproduction will be constructed for the rest of the locales. Additionally, the budget cuts now mean that a good deal of the film will be set in the seaside resort town of Bognor Regis, on the southeast coast of England. This is apparently very funny and significant to the British -- "This isn't a joke, apparently" -- but means very little stateside.

[via The Guardian]
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