Well, a week isn't over without someone creatively professing their love for Ryan Gosling. Last time it was internet-speak poeticisms and now his upcoming co-star, Anthony Mackie, has served up (get it?) a few dessert-themed compliments for RyGos.

Vulture spoke with the actor at a screening of the upcoming "Man on Ledge," which Mackie succinctly summarized as "there's a man, and he's on a ledge. Everybody else is trying to help him get off the ledge, be it by jumping or with evidence to proclaim his innocence."

But he got a bit more verbose, however, when the conversation switched to Gosling, his studly "Gangster Squad" co-star.

"He is the most delicious little thing," Mackie said. "He is the most delicious little petit four I could ever experience in my life." And one more: "I love him, little vanilla mocha fudge blossom he is."

When asked if the two were in the passionate throes of a bromance, Mackie explained that their love was of a different nature.

"We're grown-men status," he said. "He's just so cute I want to hug him all the time."

Can I get an amen?

"Gangster Squad" hits theaters October 19.

[via Vulture]
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