Nearly twenty years after uttering the immortal line about the perks of romancing high school girls -- "I get older, they stay the same age" -- Matthew McConaughey is reprising his role as smooth stoner David Wooderson in the new "Synthesizers" video by Butch Walker. In the vid, McConaughey (still wearing the same Ted Nugent tee) shows up at a bar with two hot babes in tow, lip-syncs the ode to keeping things old school and displays some surprising musical talent we didn't know Woods had in him.

"When it comes to classic characters, Matthew McConaughey's 'Wooderson' took the cake...and the high school girls with him," Walker told EW.

Added McConaughey, "If you love 'Dazed' and you loved Wooderson, you'll see this and you'll probably get the tickle box pretty quick." By which, we think, he means you'll have a good laugh. [EW links to a list of hazing pranks.... don't recall a tickle box hazing in the original movie, do you?]

Has McConaughey aged much? Compare for yourself by watching the original clip from "Dazed and Confused" (which came out in 1993 but was set in 1976). (Clip is NSFW.)

Correction: an earlier version of this post incorrectly identified McConaughey's t-shirt as featuring Bob Marley; it's actually Ted Nugent.

[via EW]
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