One of the perks of being president is the opportunity to live in the White House, a 132-room mansion -- complete with bowling alley and private movie theater. So what's it like to actually attend a screening there? According to "Red Tails" director, Anthony Hemingway, the theater could use some work.

Hemingway, the "Red Tails" cast, producer George Lucas and surviving members of the Tuskegee Airmen, were recently invited to the White House to screen the WWII action feature for the First Family. Writing about it in this week's Hollywood Reporter, the director discussed the generous hospitality provided by President Obama and the rest of his staff.

After an extensive background check (of course), the guests showed up to the White House. There, they were treated to a meet-and-greet by the Commander-in-Chief himself, where they took pictures and went on a private tour. Obama also gave a touching introduction before the film began.

However, the theater wasn't as presidential as you'd expect.

"When they escort you into the theater, you definitely feel like you're in a very comfy, intimate space. But it doesn't have cup holders, which made me nervous because I was afraid of spilling my drink ... The theater isn't set up that well. The sound could be better. The projector needs to be upgraded. It needs a Hollywood pro to go in there and redesign it."

A Hollywood pro? Perhaps a certain "Star Wars" creator who developed the surround sound company, THX? (That's a George Lucas reference, if you haven't figured it out.)

Where the theater lacked in sound quality, it made up in popcorn. "It had just the right amount of salt and butter," Hemingway said. "It was some of the best popcorn I've ever tasted."

The White House: Great popcorn, bad surround sound.

[via THR and Movieline]

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