The Sundance Film Festival is off and running -- something you certainly know if you follow any number of attending film writers on Twitter -- but which film will be the first to score a big acquisition deal? Perhaps "Celeste and Jesse Forever," the Rashida Jones co-written, co-led dramedy about a pair of high school sweethearts (Jones and Andy Samberg) going through a divorce, but trying to remain friends.

After premiering to mixed reactions on Friday night, "Celeste and Jesse Forever" seemed positively beloved by the attending journalists who saw it on Saturday morning. Most found the film charming enough -- with special notice given to Jones's performance -- which should help the film score a pretty solid distribution deal. (Per THR, there are already offers on the table.) Think "Our Idiot Brother," which The Weinstein Company snatched up last year during Sundance and released in August to $24 million in grosses. Like "Celeste and Jesse" -- which stars Jones, Samberg, Ari Graynor, Emma Roberts, Elijah Wood and Chris Messina -- "Brother" featured a broad and likable cast of recognizable television faces (Jones, Adam Scott, Zooey Deschanel, plus Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks and Emily Mortimer) and an easy-to-market formula.

Check out what some journalists thought of the film below.

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