Awhile back, to the woeful delight of the Internet, Brad Pitt dropped a career bomb -- that he maybe could be quitting acting in a mere three years (!) -- to focus on producing and being a father to a caravan of children.

Now, after the release of Angelina Jolie's (notoriously tumultuous) directorial debut "In the Land of Blood and Honey," Pitt's partner may be looking to bow out from acting, too.

"I still love acting-if I can find those roles that matter," Jolie told E! Online's Marc Malkin. "But if I don't, it's nice to be able to shine the spotlight on another actress your think is extremely talented and give her the spotlight."

Angie may be reconciling her roles as scene stealer and mom in the upcoming sleeping beauty adaptation, "Maleficent."

"It's neat for my kids," she said.

[via E! Online]

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