All movie stars have to start somewhere. For George Clooney, it was putting shoes on 75-year-old women with corns.

In the Newsweek Oscar Roundtable, the "Descendants" star spoke about his time as a department store shoe salesmen at the age of 18.

"There was a generation of [75-year-old] women in my area ... who had [a] toe cut off to fit into the tight tight pumps," said Clooney. "So every time you'd see those women coming in, you'd be like [points to the other side of the room] 'You take that lady. I am not going near that.'"

Obviously, the actor wasn't able to avoid all his elderly customers. During those moments, things would get rather unglamourous.

"We would have these Mr. Potato Head shoe stretchers, and it had holes in it. Somebody would come in and the shoe wouldn't fit because they had corns ... I would have to take this woman's foot and put blue chalk on her corn and stick it in the shoe ... Then I would take this Mr. Potato Head shoe stretcher, and I would take a plastic corn and stretch a corn hole into her shoe [laughs]. It was shocking."

Eighteen years later, Clooney would be named People's Sexiest Man Alive.

As for his career today, George seems pretty happy with where he's at, but that doesn't mean he's completely devoid of criticism. Recently, he did some coffee ads overseas, which had some calling the actor a sellout. To those critics, he has two words: "Fuck you," adding, "I don't rape the budget of a movie ... if they make money, then good, they made money. I'll go make money somewhere else."

Clooney wasn't the only person to lay out complaints during the roundtable (which also included Charlize Theron, Viola Davis, Tilda Swinton and Christopher Plummer). "Beginnners" star Christopher Plummer had some rather unpleasant things to say about director Terrence Malick, who he worked with on the 2005 film "The New World."

"The problem with Terry is he needs a writer, desperately. Because he insists on overwriting ... until it sounds terribly pretentious ... and then he edits his films in such a way that he cuts everyone out of them," said the 82-year-old actor. "I was put in all sorts of different spots and my character was suddenly not in the scene that I thought I was in ... I gave him shit. I'll never work with him again."

You can check out more clips from the roundtable over on Newsweek.

[via Newsweek]
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