Finally, a George Lucas feud that doesn't involve "Star Wars" (at least, not yet). In his attempt to build a brand-new film studio just north of San Francisco, the filmmaker has managed to tick off a group of concerned locals, who are worried about an increase in traffic and noise.

According to the Independent, Lucas' Grady Ranch (not to be confused with Skywalker or Big Rock Ranch -- Lucas' other retreats) would consist of a "260,000-square-foot facility," with "car parking for several hundred employees, while a small hill will be artificially constructed to screen the 85ft-tall building from nearby properties." Locals gathered this past week to protest the construction, and to form a lobbying group against the project.

No word on whether this fight will delve into Jar-Jar Binks insults or Vader-like cries of "NOOOOOO."

[via Independent]
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