Good news, haters! The annual Vulture-compiled critics' poll of the worst movies of 2011 has arrived, and it's chock-a-block with your least favorite offerings from the last year. At the top, the Adam Sandler terrible twosome of "Jack & Jill" and "Just Go With It" (Sandler is to film critics what George Clooney is to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association), with the derided trio of "Sucker Punch," "I Am Number Four" and "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" rounding out the top five. So far, so bad! But then what is "Shame" doing on the list at No. 6?

The Steve McQueen-directed sex-addiction drama, which is poised to earn 2011 It-Boy Michael Fassbender an Oscar nomination on Tuesday, has a sparkling 81 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but still cracked the list of worst films on the Vulture poll (compiled from the opinions of "40 professional cinephiles").

"Shame" was listed on only five of the 40 ballots (New York critic David Edelstein, Reverse Shot's Michael Koresky, Jonathan Rosenbaum, New York Times critic Charles Taylor and's Seth Colter Walls), but was seemingly penalized because of the wide variety of bad movies released in 2011. (People hated a lot of different things last year.)

Of course, that doesn't mean "Shame" was worse than "Abduction" or "Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star" -- two horrendously reviewed movies that are suspiciously absent from the list -- just that critics took the Vulture call-to-action as an opportunity to hate movies that had gotten some roundly approved critical love throughout the last year ("The Descendants," "War Horse" and "Drive" made some ballots as well). Anyway, congratulations, Bucky Larson! For one brief moment, you're bigger than Fassboner.

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