In 2009, Warner Bros. made a little film starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms called "The Hangover" for around $35 million. In 2012, those actors want a reported $45 million combined just to return for part three.

Cooper, Galifianakis and Helms have reportedly asked for $15 million each (against the backend profit) to return to the series for what you would have to imagine is its final installment; per The Hollywood Reporter, they'll likely get their raise.

The trio earned $5 million each to return for "The Hangover Part II," while also participating in that film's lucrative backend. "Part II" grossed $581 million worldwide, meaning Cooper, Galifianakis and Helms upped their take-home salaries to somewhere in the mid-teens for making the film.

For the studio, making "The Hangover 3" is a priority -- especially with Harry Potter and Batman running their respective courses as franchises. Whether it's a priority for viewers, of course, remains to be seen. "The Hangover Part II" was woefully reviewed despite earning so much money, with many complaining that it was a less-funny retread of the beloved first film.

The threequel would likely take place in Los Angeles and -- if all deals are signed -- shoot this summer. Warner Bros. is hoping to release it over Memorial Day weekend in 2013.

[via THR]
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