Christopher Plummer is familiar with the salted-hair chaps vying for this year's Best Supporting Actor, except for -- surprise! -- the group's sole youngster: Jonah Hill.

Plummer said it has less to do with the age gap but because he has yet to see the Brad Pitt-led "Moneyball." (Speakeasy points out that he's also yet to see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" but knows Max von Sydow). "I'm proud to be in their company," he said.

The "Beginners" actor is considered to be the frontrunner of the group; he snagged a Golden Globe for his performance, and his acceptance speech -- ending with the heart-clenching bit about his wife "whose beauty and bravery haunts me still" -- gave us all a chill. Plummer's 2008 memoir, "In Spite of Myself," reveals his love of language and confirmed that he does indeed write his own speeches. "Who else would write like that?" he said.

After a lifetime of lauded performances, the 82-year-old Plummer is having the best year of his career, in addition to "Beginners," he also starred in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." But his celebrations are more measured than in decades past -- he explained that while he may exceed his normal in take of a glass or two of wine -- hard liquor is simply "a no-no."

"I celebrate every day, no matter whether I'm nominated or not," he laughed. "But no hard stuff. No more martinis!"

[via Speakeasy]
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