Precious little is known about Quentin Tarantino's upcoming "Django Unchained" beyond its absurd cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kerry Washington and more), its basic plot outline (a slave named Django seeks revenge on the man who kidnapped his wife) and its Christmas Day release. Now, one more slight detail has emerged: Tarantino is shooting the film on a ranch set in Santa Clarita and having a ball.

Tarantino's latest was recently filming at the Melody Ranch in Santa Clarita, Calif., one of about 10 movie ranches in the area that have been home to such productions as "Old Yeller," "The Muppets" and even some Super Bowl commercials.

"It's a blast shooting here," Tarantino said to the Los Angeles Times in a break from shooting. "Most other western towns look like dollhouses. This has the complete look. It's fantastic."

OK, so maybe not the most earth-shattering news -- after all, "Django Unchained" is a Western -- but there is one interesting reveal: the Timesdescribes a scene Tarantino was filming where two cowboys walk down the street while Jim Croce's "I Got a Name" played over loud speakers. Will "Django" feature contemporary music? Is this the next "Jungle Boogie" or "Across 110th Street"? Fingers crossed?

[via LAT]
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