Look what we got you at Sundance! OK, not really. We intended to bring you home one of everything we came across, but we couldn't afford the extra baggage fee when we tried to get on the airplane. Instead, we are linking you to our favorite products/people/organizations from Sundance through a new social shopping site that benefits great causes. That way if you want to get your purchase on, you will be doing some good while you do your credit card some bad.

Sarah's Swag Bag

Sorel Boots -- Sarah literally doesn't ever want to take these off. Everyone should own a pair. They are warm and they are comfortable. They work with leggings, jeans and dresses. But most importantly, they saved her from busting her ass about 837 times a day.

A snowboarding lesson with Danny Kass -- He was adorable with little kids, only laughed at us a little bit and was endlessly patient. At one point, probably out of pity, Danny also showed Sarah how you snowboard in tandem. It involved riding directly behind her so he could carry her entire body weight while going a million mph down the slope. Snowplay beats foreplay!

Sean Jean Jacket -- Who even knew he made jackets for women? Sarah usually hates these coats because she looks like a stay puff marshmallow of an indeterminate gender. Not the case in this one. It belts, so she actually has a waist. It's also light and form fitting.

Oakley Snow Pants -- Sarah's obsessed with these. They are black and lie low on your hips. She got hit on because of them at least three times, so they must be flattering. Who gets hit on in snow pants? They also went the distance when she was rolling around on the ground every two seconds as she fell down the bunny slope.

Illegal Mezcal -- Clark and Sarah had this at one of the parties they attended. It was so smooth, Sarah put a couple bottles in her purse. She probably shouldn't admit that. The aged one was perfect for the martini they had that night, and the bloody marys they made their house mates the next morning.

Veuve Clicquot's Fresh Beauty Bag -- Sarah loves Fresh. The stuff smells amazing and they always have good product ideas. Sarah particularly liked the roll on perfume that came in the beauty bag and was based on the scent of champagne. It made her feel saucy and let's be honest, who doesn't want to smell like a bottle of bubbly.

Clark's Swag Bag

Issey Miyake Sport -- Clark scored this manfume on the way out of some dinner party. He immediately sprayed it on himself and got great reviews for the rest of the night. We tried to spread the love by re-gifting the body wash at the Bing Bar, but oddly no one was in the mood for a shower.

Tout.com -- This is a new social video network that had a video booth at the festival. They are totally integrated into FB and Twitter, which makes everyones' life easier and potentially more embarrassing. We made a great one of Clark whipping his hair back and forth while doing full leg extensions on the dance floor. Get some.

Chopin Vodka -- This vodka was featured at the Fender Lodge and it was oh so smooth going down. Most vodkas these days think that branching out means creating flavors like pink dingleberry and raspberry dazzleberry. We like the fact that Chopin was keeping it classy and simple with it's single ingredient rye, wheat and potato vodkas.

Hail Merry -- We think we had three meals in the first four days of Sundance. Part of Clark's technique for survival was stuffing packets of these delicious treats into his pockets and pulling them out at completely inappropriate moments to snack on. We don't know about the whole vegan thing, but these snacks may be the first step in a long road to winning us over.

Fuck Cancer -- We love philanthropy and we were really excited to see this cause at Sundance. They do amazing work around cancer education and early detection. You can never have too much of a good thing like that. Plus we just like to say the word fuck.
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