Do Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens equal Kate Winslet? In the case of "Frank or Francis," perhaps! While Winslet's rumored involvement in the Charlie Kaufman-directed musical comedy (!) may be on shaky ground (speculated Variety reporter Jeff Sneider on Twitter: "Don't think she's in"), it appears that both Banks and Reubens will join the already impressive cast roster of Steve Carell, Nicolas Cage, Jack Black, Kevin Kline and Catherine Keener for the new film.

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety reported the Banks and Reubens castings, respectively, with both trade papers shedding some details on the roles they'll play in Kaufman's screed against Hollywood. Banks is set to play an actress famous for her "formulaic comedy bombs"; Reubens, a film critic.

"Frank or Francis" follows the relationship between a Hollywood star (Carell) and the angry blogger who trashes him online (Black). Cage will play an action star, while Kline -- in a dual role -- is the director of the highest grossing movie in the world, as well as his own brother-cum-animatronic head. (True.) This one basically sounds like the most bananas movie in the history of movies, so let's all agree to see it together on opening weekend. It's a musical, too. Of course.

[via THR, Variety]
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