The Michael Fassbender-led sex addiction drama "Shame" was indeed peppered with some serious eyegrabbers -- threesomes and Fassboners, etc. -- but there was some explicit content that you didn't see -- you only heard.

Actor John Moraitis provided the sexy-whisperings which permeated Steve McQueen's gritty expose, and while he kept his clothes on, Moraitis had to participate in some seriously revealing moments.

"There's a scene where Michael Fassbender's character goes to a gay club," he wrote in The Guardian, explaining that he would stand behind the actors and add appropriate dialogue. "Yeah. YEAH. Go deeper, GO DEEPER." Awkward situations ensue: "The sound engineer would say: 'OK, a bit more intense, please.' You came up with anything you could think of. 'Who's your daddy?' Stuff like that."

Moraitis didn't just stop at dirty talk. He even had to affect the sound a man makes during oral sex. (Insert joke, here?)

The actor said doing the dialogue for "Shame" was "a hoot," but while thought the film was terrific, he didn't care for Fassbender's character. Perhaps he's an Oscar voter, too.

[via The Guardian]
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