Darth Maul is apparently getting his day in the sun(s). According to the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex blog, the Sith assassin's face will be featured on select 3D glasses when "Star Wars Episode I" returns to theaters February 10. Those who buy tickets on opening day will have the chance to snag the collectibles, along with the new "Star Wars" fighter pod from Hasbro.

If you're keeping score at home, that is now two major promotional items for "Phantom Menace 3D" that feature Maul , which is strange considering he's in the film for a grand total of ten minutes.

So, congratulations Darth Maul, a.k.a. the 16th best character from the franchise! Enjoy your 15 minutes of marketing fame before Obi-Wan desposes of you. (Spoiler alert?)

[via LAT/Hero Complex]
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