Sometimes, it's nice to have a do-over. In "The Cold Light Of Day," Will Shaw (Henry Cavill, a.k.a. Superman) finds out his father (Bruce Willis) has been a CIA agent his entire life. After their family is kidnapped, Shaw is forced to step into his dad's place to save them, and himself, while worrying about a fellow government agent who may be setting them up (Sigourney Weaver).

If this movie sounds sorta-kinda familiar, it's because it is: In 2011, Weaver was in "Abduction," the starring vehicle for teen werewolf sensation Taylor Lautner (in the film, his character finds out he is the son of a CIA agent). That movie went on to gross a paltry $28 million, domestically -- not exactly the blockbuster Lionsgate envisioned. It also got skewered by critics. (Four percent on Rotten Tomatoes!) But, hey, everyone deserves a re-do, especially if you played one of the most revered heroines in movie history (Ripley).

As for the rest of the "Cold Light" cast, Willis isn't exactly new to this whole government agent/action hero thing, so it's nice to see him pass the torch onto Cavill, who's set to play Superman in next summer's "Man of Steel."

"The Cold Light Of Day," which will likely fall somewhere on the critic scale between "Alien"-awesome and "Abduction"-awful, will hit theaters April 6.

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