"John Carter" isn't the only big-budget blockbuster getting the Super Bowl commercial treatment; Marvel will unveil a brand new trailer for "The Avengers" during the big game, and the studio released a 14-second teaser of the spot online to stir up fan interest. The initial reaction: pretty cool! In fact, here are 14 reasons to be excited.

1. The opening chord of the trailer sounds like the opening chord to "Lazy Sunday." 2. This takes place in "New York City" (actually shot in Cleveland). 3. The villains in "The Avengers" don't like Dr. Pepper. 4. Tony Stark loves him some Black Sabbath. (Is his favorite song "No More Tears"?) 5. Thor's hammer is like the Elder Wand. 6. The Chrysler Building is the new Empire State Building. 7.Dutch angles! 8. Scarlett Johansson's hair is angry. 9. Even Captain America needs a hand sometimes. 10. Thor looks like Brad Pitt circa "Legends of the Fall." 11. Explosions! 12. Spaceships? 13. The Hulk is like Scarlett Johansson's hair. 14. Better luck next time, Jeremy Renner!

Check out the full Super Bowl ad for "Marvel's The Avengers" during the big game on Sunday.
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Marvel's the Avengers
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