Remember when companies waited to show you Super Bowl commercials during the actual Super Bowl? Now, teasing the ad -- or even showing the entire thing (looking at you, Ferris) -- has become the standard. At least the former makes some sense: what better way to drum up excitement for your product's most anticipated TV spot than by dropping hints for the audience?

With that in mind, check out the 30-second teaser for "John Carter," the upcoming Disney blockbuster starring Taylor Kitsch. Teaser trailers are normally made for big-budget flicks, but usually before the actual trailer gets released -- the first "John Carter" trailer hit the web on Dec. 1 of last year. Maybe Disney is planning something extravagant for the second one? (Fingers crossed for more "Friday Night Lights" references?)

You can check out the teaser up top; "John Carter" hits theaters March 9.

[via THR]
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