DVD or Blu-ray? Redbox or Netflix? Streaming? And hardest of all: Justin Timberlake or Ryan Gosling? Whatever your poison, here's the breakdown on all the week's new releases.

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What's It About? Ryan Gosling stars as a stuntman-by-day, getaway-driver-by-night who gets caught up in a violent con-job involving his beautiful neighbor and her young son.

See It Because: It's an original idea with good acting performances and unique direction -- which is becoming more and more of a rarity in Hollywood these days. By now you should know this is not the "Fast and Furious" car racing movie some people thought it would be; it's a gritty, stylish crime thriller in the vein of the genre's best output from the 70s and 80s.

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"In Time"

What's It About? Justin Timberlake flexes his action hero muscles in a stylish & sexy sci-fi movie about a world where age is currency and you either live forever or die trying.

Watch an exclusive deleted scene from the DVD of "In Time"

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"The Thing" Flat prequel of John Carpenter's classic 1982 sci-fi horror film. Dull, loud and predictable. See It or Skip It: Skip it.

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"The Big Year" Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack together at last -- in a really disappointing by-the-numbers comedy about life. See It or Skip It: Skip it.

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"Dream House" Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts slum it in a schlocky thriller involving murders, an insane asylum and a spooooooky house. See It or Skip It: Skip this mess.

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"Thunder Soul" Jamie Foxx produces this documentary about the legendary Kashmere Stage Band, a high-school marching band from the 60s and 70s that fused funk and jazz and became an internationally acclaimed young musical phenomena. See It or Skip It: See it.

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"The Double" Richard Gere plays a grizzled CIA vet who teams up with a young hotshot FBI agent (Topher Grace) in an effort to catch a Soviet assassin who has come out of hiding -- but there's a twist! This is the kind of movie that wry comedies like to parody. See It or Skip It: Skip it.

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"Treasure Buddies" The talking golden retrievers travel to Egypt, looking for the lost collar of Cleopatra. See It or Skip It: Are you a child that thinks talking puppies are adorable? If so, see it!

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"Chalet Girl" The Brits tackle that fabled American movie genre -- the 80s teen ski comedy -- in this story of a poor girl who falls for a rich guy. Yes, there is a climactic snowboarding challenge. See It or Skip It: Are you a teenage girl who loves romantic comedies involving the stars of the CW? If so, see it!

"Texas Killing Fields" A moody police procedural involving a serial killer that's a grade above similar TV fare like 'SVU,' 'CSI,' 'NCIS' and 'Criminal Minds.' See It or Skip It: See it, if you're a junkie for that kind of thing.

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New DVD Releases on Redbox "Contagion DVD & Blu-ray

"Shark Night" DVD & Blu-ray

"Ghost Rider"

New on Amazon Instant Video"Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie" (For Rental)

"Cold Mountain" (For Purchase)

"Hero" (For Purchase)

"Only the Strong Survive" (For Purchase)

"In the Bedroom" (For Purchase)

"Mansfield Park" (For Purchase)

"God Said, Ha!"(For Purchase)

New on Blu-Ray "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" 3D Blu-ray "Transformers" Collector's Trilogy "To Kill a Mockingbird" 50th Anniversary Edition "Grand Canyon" "The Scout" "Monkeybone" "Outrage" "A Soldier's Story" "Malcolm X" Digibook Edition "Snow Buddies" "Queen: Days of Our Lives"

Miramax Oscar Favorites: "Shakespeare in Love" "Cold Mountain" "The English Patient" "Adaptation" "The Piano" "Frida" Best Picture Winners Collection ("Chicago" / "Crash" / "The English Patient" / "No Country for Old Men" / Shakespeare in Love")
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