Meryl Streep may be going on 30 years of Oscar frustration, but that doesn't mean her peers treat her like anything other than royalty.

Even so much as a "hello" from the 62-year-old screen chameleon is utter kryptonite for today's actresses -- she's reduced grown women to tears, stuttering and star-struckness -- and now she's taken another victim: "The Artist" star Berenice Bejo.

"Meryl came up to me and said that she and her family watched the movie three times and that the movie will stay around forever," Bejo told E! Online's Marc Malkin. "She said I should be very proud of it."

These run-ins result in varied levels of freak outs among Tinseltown's best -- from Melissa McCarthy to Jessica Chastain -- below, a brief history of people meeting Meryl Streep.


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