You and your significant other may be a sickeningly sweet pair that loves going out every Saturday for dinner and a movie. But just because this weekend's big release happens to be "The Woman in Black" -- a dark and ominous gothic horror film -- it doesn't mean you still can't enjoy date night. Sure, most horror movies send gender relationships back a few centuries, and the characters who attempt to enjoy some earthly pleasures end up in a bodybag, but there are plenty of horror movies that can actually serve as the perfect compliment to a night of romance. They're filled with sexy men, women and monsters, who will scare the pants right off of you -- and lead you into the safe and secure arms of your paramour.

So, take your chances on one of these 13 tales of dread, and you might end up getting lucky.

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The Woman in Black
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Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a lawyer, is recently widowed and grieving the loss of his wife when... Read More

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