It's doubtful that you're champing at the bit to see another chapter in the story of Bridget Jones, but that hasn't stopped Working Title from forging ahead on "Bridget Jones's Baby," a project that is set to reunite original cast members Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. Once the script gets worked out.

THR reports that "Bridget Jones's Baby" has been delayed because of script issues -- including some specifically brought up by Hugh Grant, who may even leave the project. Per THR:

"It's basically dead," says one insider. Another source, however, says the script problems will be worked out and "the movie will definitely shoot sometime this year."

OK, then! For now, the reports of "Bridget Jones's Baby" going under remain just reports; Working Title released a statement saying that the film was continuing forward.

"Reports that Hugh Grant has exited Bridget Jones's Baby are untrue," said Working Title co-chairman Tim Bevan in a statement. "We are still working on the script hence the delay to the start of production, but the film is going ahead as planned." Considering the first two films in the Bridget Jones series -- "Bridget Jones's Diary" and "Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason" -- pulled down just over $541 million worldwide combined, here's guessing Working Title will do all it can to make sure "Baby" does go ahead as planned, even if it takes a little while longer to -- wait for it -- gestate. (It's Friday, y'all; corny jokes allowed!)

[via THR]
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