Who knew Drew Barrymore got so emotional in her films? The "Big Miracle" star likes to play characters with a quirky/lovable sense of humor, but something you may not have noticed about them is that they like to cry. A lot.

Thanks to the folks at Vulture, fans now have a handy mashup guide (appropriately titled, "Drew Barrymore Can Get Very, Very Sad") to some of Drew's most tearful scenes.

Not only will you see each character try (some much harder than others) to produce tears, you'll also start to notice a pattern developing behind each cry-worthy moment.

Therefore, you can call the following the Drew Barrymore Crying In Movies Checklist:

  • Scrunching face
  • Biting upper lip
  • Light hyperventilating
  • Hands over face
  • Lots and lots of sniffling

Drew's latest film, "Big Miracle," opens this weekend. Spoiler alert: she cries in this one, too.

[via Vulture]
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