Remember when the trailer for "One for the Money" came out and it looked almost exactly like that Jennifer Aniston/Gerard Butler movie, "The Bounty Hunter"? No? Well, let this mashup be further proof that Hollywood just can't get enough of a good (bad?) thing.

Brought to you by YouTube user BlindFilmCritic, the same person behind the "No Strings Attached"/"Friends With Benefits" trailer mash, this new Aniston/Heigl movie comparison leaves no rom-com trope unturned. Let's run down the checklist from the clip:

  • Two of America's sweethearts (Aniston and Heigl)
  • Two hunky co-stars (Butler and Jason O'Mara)
  • Same sexual tension
  • Same witty characters (Jeff Garlin and Sherri Shepherd)
  • Same handcuff gag
  • Same girl power (both Heigl and Aniston firing weapons)

If this kind of sounds up your alley, then check out the mashup above -- or "One for the Money," in theaters now.

[via BlendFilmCritic and /Film]

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