This weekend, "Safe House" -- starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds -- opens in theaters. This may seem strange for those familiar with each star. After all, Washington, an Oscar winner, has been in films such as "Training Day," "Malcolm X" and "Glory," whereas People's Choice Award-winner Reynolds has starred in "The Green Lantern," "Van Wilder" and "Blade: Trinity."

Obviously, "Safe House" is not the first movie to tinker with the "opposites attract" method. Putting two random actors together in front of a camera is a quick way to guarantee either big box office numbers ("Rush Hour") or one giant flop of a film ("Hollywood Homicide").

In honor of the Ryan-Denzel connection, Moviefone presents the Strangest Movie Duos in action films.*

*We included action-comedy in there, because no one does "strange movie duo" like an action-comedy.

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