In this week's couch-related celebrity news, the Ashley Furniture Company has been forced to pay Marlon Brando's estate $356,000 over a piece of furniture named after the legendary actor. (Insert "Made them an offer they couldn't refuse" joke here.)

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a lawsuit filed was last year on behalf of Brando Enterprises, accusing Ashley of infringement, after several sofas and sectionals had been rebranded as the "Brando" (you can see one of the couches, the Brando 3-piece Cocoa Sectional, below). However, instead of taking the case to court, the company decided it was better to pay the money up front and end the dispute.

A spokesman from Brando's estate stated that this incident "sends a clear message that infringers of Marlon Brando's name and image will be pursued to the fullest extent, and forced to pay substantial damages."

Unfortunately for Ashley, this isn't the first celebrity furniture incident they've been involved in. They are still in the middle of a dispute with Humphrey Bogart's estate over a sofa called, you guessed it, the "Bogart." (Insert "Of all the furniture companies in all the world" joke here.)

[via THR]
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