The best news you've ever read or the BEST news you've ever read? Variety reports that buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin are being told that the Universal Pictures co-financed action film "2 Guns" has found the already-attached Mark Wahlberg a co-star: Denzel Washington. While the trade paper stresses that no deals have been completed, let's take a moment to celebrate this amazing maybe-casting coup! Washington and Wahlberg. Together. In an action movie. If they get Liam Neeson in this thing, "2 Guns" -- a thriller about DEA agent and a Naval Intelligence officer investigating each other in ways that sounds reminiscent of "The Departed" -- would likely be the greatest movie ever produced. (Sorry, "Citizen Kane"!)

While you wait for baited breath to see if this version of "2 Guns" actually shoots (oof!), why not help Moviefone decide where Wahlberg would fit in on Washington's extensive list of co-stars. Below, a rundown, from best to worst. (Romances like "The Preacher's Wife" are not included.) Disagree in the comments!

1. Gene Hackman ("Crimson Tide") 2. Tom Hanks ("Philadelphia") 3. Russell Crowe ("American Gangster") 4. Clive Owen ("Inside Man") 5. Ethan Hawke ("Training Day") 6. Chris Pine ("Unstoppable") 7. Dakota Fanning ("Man on Fire") 8. Kevin Kline ("Cry Freedom") 9. Matthew Broderick ("Glory") 10. Ryan Reynolds ("Safe House") 11. Annette Bening ("The Siege") 12. Russell Crowe ("Virtuosity") 13. Meg Ryan ("Courage Under Fire") 14. John Lithgow ("Ricochet") 15. Derek Luke ("Antoine Fisher") 16. Val Kilmer ("Deja Vu") 17. Angelina Jolie ("The Bone Collector") 18. Liev Schreiber ("The Manchurian Candidate") 19. Julia Roberts ("The Pelican Brief") 20. John Travolta ("Taking of Pelham 1 2 3")
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