While Hollywood waits to see if Jean Dujardin has what it takes to become a star here in America, the Best Actor frontrunner has apparently taken fate into his own hands. The "Artist" star teamed with Funny or Die for a new video that pokes fun at what roles wait for him in the future -- at least if the careers of other imports like Michael Nyqvist and Mathieu Amalric are any indication.

In the clip, Dujardin -- a star on par with George Clooney in his native France and a gifted comic performer -- auditions to play the villain in many, many, many Hollywood productions, from "Sherlock Holmes 3" to "Bridesmaids 2."

"None of you gets a bouquet," he sneers in his adorable French accent. Forget Kristen Wiig; let's cast Dujardin in the "Bridesmaids" sequel and get on with it already. Watch above.
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