After holding stage readings of "Shampoo" (with Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson and Olivia Wilde), "The Apartment" (with Steve Carell and Natalie Portman) and "Princess Bride" (with Paul Rudd and Mindy Kaling), director Jason Reitman may have stumbled upon his best idea yet: A recreation of "Reservoir Dogs" with an all-black cast.

"If we were going to make it an all-black cast, we wanted to make sure we started with an all-white cast," Reitman told EW. "What makes the 'Reservoir Dogs' script work so well is, despite the fact that it was cast with all white actors, it really is a script that could feature any race."

So, who has Reitman recruited to play the iconic roles? Terrence Howard will take over ear=slicing duties for Michael Madsen as the loose cannon Mr. Blonde; Howard's "Red Tails" co-star Cuba Gooding Jr. tackles Tim Roth's undercover police officer, Mr. Orange; Anthony Mackie from "The Hurt Locker" is set for Steve Buscemi's Mr. Pink; and Anthony Anderson will play Chris Penn's character, Nice Guy Eddie. (Actually, screw a stage reading; let's make a movie of this!)

However, there are a few parts that still need actors. Here are a few suggestions that Reitman should seriously consider:

  • Laurence Fishburne as Harvey Keitel's Mr. White
  • Donald Glover as Quentin Tarantino's Mr. Brown (can't wait for the 'Like a Virgin' discussion)
  • Michael B. Jordan ("Chronicle") as Kirk Baltz's Officer Marvin Nash
  • James Earl Jones as Lawrence Tierney's Joe Cabot
  • Morgan Freeman as Steven Wright's K-Billy DJ -- Super Sounds of the '70s

The stage reading is set to happen on Feb. 16 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Sorry folks, tickets are already sold out. For more information on the series, Film Independent and LACMA, click here.

[via EW]
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