Not that you needed more reasons to get excited for "The Hunger Games," but the full track-list for the companion album to your future favorite movie has been released -- and it's filled with artists that would even make President Snow smile.

Along with previously announced contributors like Taylor Swift (with The Civil Wars), Arcade Fire and The Decemberists, are new songs from Kid Cudi, Miranda Lambert, Glen Hansard (of Swell Season fame) and Neko Case.

You can pre-order the album from iTunes RIGHT NOW, where you'll get an early copy of the Decemberists' song, "One Engine."

Check out that tune, plus the full track list, below. "The Hunger Games" album is out on March 20; the film hits theaters three days later.

[via Stereogum]

1. "Safe & Sound" (feat. The Civil Wars) by Taylor Swift 2. "Eyes Wide Open" by Taylor Swift 3. "Abraham's Daughter" by Arcade Fire 4. "The Ruler & The Killer" by Kid Cudi 5. "Run Daddy Run" (feat. Pistol Annies) by Miranda Lambert 6. "Kingdom Come" by The Civil Wars 7. "One Engine" by The Decemberists 8. "Take The Heartland" by Glen Hansard 9. "Lover Is Childlike" by The Low Anthem 10. "Dark Days" by Punch Brothers 11. "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder" by The Secret Sisters 12. "Just a Game" by Birdy 13. "Oh Come & Sing" by Ella Mae Bowen 14. "Rules" by Jayme Dee 15. "Reaping Day" by Carolina Chocolate Drops 16. "Give Me Something" I'll Remember by Neko Case 17. Video "Safe & Sound" (Bonus Video) by Taylor Swift

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