Nominated For: Best Documentary Film

What's It About: Director Wim Wenders ("Paris, Texas," "Wings of Desire") tells the story of Pina Bausch, an acclaimed German dance choreographer and instructor. During her lifetime, Bausch innovated the world of interpretative dance by having her performers interact with elaborate sets using natural and urban terrains. Originally, Bausch was to take part in the documentary on her work, but she passed away from cancer just two days before Wenders was to start the shoot. Urged on by her dancers to complete the project, Wenders films her most celebrated works on the streets of Germany and on a stage filled with waterfalls, sand and the wild elements of earth. And he shot it all in 3D.

Why You Should See It: "Pina" eschews the characteristics of a regular documentary and presents the famed choreographer's story in a manner that could almost be described as spiritual. Her recent passing hangs over the movie, but not as a dreary funeral wake; it gives her dance troupe the passion to deliver a final explosive celebration of her life, her work and her beliefs where words are not necessary. The impact she had on her performers is inspirational, and being able to witness her creativity in action -- with genuinely hypnotic 3D techonlogy -- is the best tribute possible to a unique artistic identity. Lastly, It's a German 3D dance film. If you're not at least enticed on a visual level, we're not sure what to tell you.

It's Kind Of Like: The intimacy of "The Mystery of Picasso" meets the visual creativity of "Fantasia" with the energy of "Hellzapoppin."

How You Can See It: It's currently playing in select theaters around the country. Check the movie's Facebook page for a complete listing of screenings.
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