Chris Pine may need Scotty's help to get out of this mess. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actor is being sued by his former talent agency, which says it was denied millions of dollars in commission.

The lawsuit, brought forth by SDB Partners, states that the agency helped Pine secure roles in "Star Trek," its subsequent sequel, the upcoming action flick "This Means War," a planned reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise, and a whole host of other projects. Pine allegedly stopped paying SDB the standard 10 percent commission after he dropped them.

The suit also includes the alleged salaries Pine received on each of his projects. For "Star Trek 2," his deal gives him $1.5 million plus up to $500,000 in backend compensation, and $3 million plus the $500,000 in backend if a third "Star Trek" happens. Pine was paid $3 million for "Unstoppable" and $5 million for "This Means War." Then on the planned Jack Ryan feature, the actor's deal was $4 million for the first flick, $8 million for the second and $12 million for a third. SDB is looking for commission on all of them.

If the lawsuit weren't bad enough for Pine, the THR story also discusses the way in which the "Star Trek" actor went about dispensing his former agency via email -- which is a bit ironic considering that Chris stayed put with SDB even after "Star Trek" came out, stating that, "I'm a firm believer in loyalty. At the end of the day, this is a business, and you are a business, and I have felt in my career it has served me to stay with the people who started with me because I believe they're as passionate and as dedicated as they've ever been."

Pine left SBD in November of 2011.

You can read more about the lawsuit over on THR.

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