In your required Uggie news of the day, Reuters is reporting that the breakout non-human star of "The Artist" will not appear at the 84th annual Academy Awards.

The news means that, contrary to previous rumors, the scene-stealing Jack Russell terrier will not be performing a sketch with host Billy Crystal. A spokesperson for The Weinstein Company confirmed, stating "Uggie has not been asked to participate or appear at the Oscars." (Paging Blackie.)

Whether the Oscars suffer with the absence of Uggie remains to be seen. Unfortunately, it does mean that future Uggie red carpet photos are in peril, especially after he "announced" his retirement due to a mysterious illness.

Tune into the Oscars on February 26 to see if Crystal gets another pet-related sketch in to the broadcast. Check out Uggie's appearances throughout awards season below.

[via Ottawa Citizen]

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