Remember the other day, when Variety reported that Billy Bob Thornton's upcoming "And Then We Drove" was going to be based on his relationship with Angelina Jolie? About that.

"No! Not in the least!" Thornton exclaimed when asked by Vulture if the new script was about Jolie. The actor added that he had "no idea" where the story came from.

"My manager told me this last night," he said. "He's Angelina's manager, too. He goes, 'You didn't say any of this, did you?' And I said, 'The only press I've done was this press conference, and you were there. Everyone heard what I said at the press conference.' I mean, I was asked about Angelina because her film was playing here, if I'm gonna see her and I said, 'I hope so' or something like that."

Of course, Thornton might want to direct his ire at his own production team. According to Variety, "And Then We Drove" producer Alexander Rodnyansky confirmed the film was partially inspired by his relationship with Jolie.

Per Thornton, "Drove" is about a detective who goes on a road trip and picks up a mysterious woman.

"It's a very ethereal story," he said to Vulture. "Sort of a landscape kinda movie, and soundscape. But it has nothing do with her whatsoever."

UPDATE: Gregg Goldstein, who originally broke the news of "And Then We Drove" for Variety, contacted Moviefone to report that neither Thornton nor his reps have requested that the trade paper correct the story. Further, Rodnyansky confirmed the Jolie inspiration on the record. "It's very much based on that experience as well," the producer said when asked about Thornton's relationship with Jolie being part of the film. Said Goldstein in an email: "I stand by my article and reporting 100%."

[via Vulture]
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