Bret McKenzie has come a very long way -- after proving he was worth his elf salt in "Lord of the Rings," he went onto become one half of the most popular New Zealand folk comedy duo and is up for an Oscar for his catchy tune, "Man or Muppet." He's also the lead in a feature film, but... this one feels a bit off the path of success.

In his next project, McKenzie is sporting a mullet and manning the immature comedy "Two Little Boys." Here he and his childhood bff (Hamish Blake) try to correct an initial blunder (killing someone) and end up getting into even more trouble.

The film seems like New Zealand's take on "Dumb and Dumber," let's just hope it steers clear of (shudder) "Dumb and Dumberer."

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"Two Little Boys"hits theaters in New Zealand March 15; there is no set American release date.
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