While a lot has changed since Julie Delpy's 2007 romcom "Two Days in Paris" -- new city, new (sniff) boyfriend -- Delpy is continuing her brand of French-flecked adorableness with the stateside sequel "Two Days in New York."

While in the City of Light, Marion (Delpy) and Jack (Adam Goldberg) were struggling with the notion of settling down and possibly being with each other forever, now it seems that Delpy's character has gotten way, way over that whole commitment phobia thing. She has a new live-in beau (Chris Rock) and a child.

The teaser, while actually sort of confusing -- Is this a flashback? Are they playing some sort of weird "friend" game? -- still hits the right notes. Though Rock is far different than Delpy's past neurotic paramour, it seems that these two crazy kids really have something.

Also, great glasses, right?!

"Two Days in New York" opens in France on March 28; there is no set American release date.
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