If you haven't been busy participating in the Mark of the Spider-Man viral marketing package that Sony is slowly rolling out, you might have missed the first clip from "The Amazing Spider-Man." What adventures await new Spidey (Andrew Garfield) in the summertime reboot of the beloved comic franchise? Does the first clip highlight some Spidey-versus-Lizard tete-a-tetes? Nope! But it does feature Peter Parker trying to get into Gwen Stacy's swank Manhattan apartment building and being stymied by a power-hungry doorman.

Watch the clip above, and then compare that doorman with Craig Robinson's iconic "Knocked Up" doorman (link very NSFW) to see which is more doorman-y. "Doorman!"

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is in theaters on July 3.
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The Amazing Spider-Man
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