I love watching movies. It involves some of my favorite activities -- laughing, sitting and braiding the hair of the person in front of me. I try to see as many movies as I can during the year, but somehow, every time the Oscar nominations come out, there are still some nominated movies I haven't seen.

Raise your hand if you looked at the Oscar nominations and there was a movie you never heard of. Never mind, I'm sorry. You can put your hand down. I forgot I was typing.

One of my favorite movies of the year was Beginners, starring Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer. The truth is I almost didn't see it. By the time someone recommended it, it was already on DVD. Thankfully, I'm a huge celebrity, so I was able to have them perform it live in my living room.

If you haven't seen it, I hope you will. Ewan McGregor gives a beautiful and heartfelt performance you don't want to miss, even if he did knock over one of my floor lamps.

Christopher Plummer was amazing, too. He plays a 75-year-old man who decides to come out of the closet after his wife dies. It's so touching and so well done. He won a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, and I was thrilled he was nominated for an Oscar, especially since the movie didn't seem to get the same attention some of the bigger blockbusters did.

I think everyone should see at least one independent film a year. It's a great way to experience something different, and you get to wear a beret. Who knows? Maybe you'll wind up seeing your favorite film of the year.
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