Nominated For: Best Picture, Best Actor (Brad Pitt), Best Supporting Actor (Jonah Hill), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing

What's It About: Based on the bestselling book by Michael Lewis, "Moneyball" tells the true story of Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane (Pitt), who goes against conventional baseball scouting wisdom by using a controversial method known as Sabermetrics to help create a winning team. By defying the A's veteran baseball minds (and the last 100 years of baseball theory) Beane and whiz kid Peter Brand (Hill) put together a very successful squad made up of overlooked players.

Why You Should See It: "Moneyball" is not your typical sports drama. Most baseball movies usually follow an actual player (or at the very least a manager) trying to bring his team out of a slump and/or help them win a World Series. Beane, on the other hand, is just a GM. However, his friendly-yet-determined demeanor draws you in and has you rooting for him the moment he's on screen. The film doesn't end like your typical sports drama, either, reminding us all that baseball, and life, is far from perfect.

It's Kind Of Like: "The Natural" meets "Rocky"

How You Can See It: "Moneyball" is currently available on DVD & Blu-ray and in some theaters.
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Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), general manager of the Oakland A's, one day has an epiphany: Baseball's conventional... Read More

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