What does it take to create a haunting, nightmarish opening film sequence? According to Entertainment Weekly, you need David Fincher, an "uncomfortable" storyline and Tim Miller, the creative director for design studio Blur.

On EW.com, Miller gives an inside look on how the credits for Fincher's "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" were made.

"[Fincher] wanted to do everything photo-surreal, instead of [using] traditional film effects," said Miller. "The first time [David and I] talked about it he said, 'Imagine James Bond if he was a 22-year-old bisexual cutter' and I think that was his vision for the [Lisbeth Salander] character ... David said right up front, 'I want to do the whole story of all three books in two-and-a-half minutes.'"

The final product turned out to be a gorgeously dark moment and one of the movie's highlights -- not surprising for Fincher, whose films have always included memorable opening credits.

"We were going to search for sort of a visionary artist like [H.R.] Giger did for 'Alien,' but that didn't really work out and what we wound up doing instead was gathering a fuckload of references from all over the world," Miller said. "And we all looked at it together and we all kind of gravitated towards black on black look and David said, 'Yeah, lets do it all blacker.'"

"Dragon Tattoo" is nominated for four Oscars this year, so all that hard work toward the sequence, and the film as a whole, ended up paying off.

You can read more about Miller's work on the credits over on EW.

[via EW]
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