Good news and bad news: awards season only lasts another five days -- which means you've only got five more days to bask in the glow of Uggie the dog. The adorable Jack Russell terrier and breakout star of "The Artist" (apologies, Jean Dujardin!) has dominated online chatter surrounding the Best Picture favorite for months, delighting nearly everyone with his plunky demeanor and skateboard riding. He's the dog you love to love; after all, despite Martin Scorsese's campaigning, you don't see Blackie from "Hugo" with a Facebook fan page numbering nearly 12,000 members.

In honor of Uggie, who probably won't attend the 84th annual Academy Awards on Sunday night, Moviefone has compiled all of the pooch's best red carpet appearances into one handy place. Enjoy!

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The Artist
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In the 1920s, actor George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a bona fide matinee idol with many adoring fans.... Read More

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